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Random Rocks of Kindness: Class/ Open Play/Donations Accepted for Feeding the Fosters

$20.95 per class From $13 per visit with Explore 10 Pass pass A credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service. Show full pricing
‚ú®Little acts of kindness are the foundation for creating a generation of kind kids! We hope to inspire our Little Explorers and their families to see the good, find needs to fulfill, and spread joy through Random Acts of Kindness this Holiday Season!l

Join our regular sessions for open play, a class, and Random Rocks of Kindness to paint in house and then hide in our local community for others to enjoy. Hide them in parks, playgrounds, nature trails, outside of a store, at a neighbor's doorstep, wherever you think someone may find them and feel joy in their hearts!

RSVP'S required as are socks for everyone!